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I'm an architectural lighting designer, lover of music and motorcycles, and passionate about the arts. I call a number of places home including Las Vegas Nevada, Park City Utah, and Jacksonville Oregon. I hope to add Baja California to this list soon. I'm blessed to live in an era that allows my work to happen from anywhere that has a nearby airport and decent internet connection.


This site is an online landing zone for my professional and personal pursuits. They're all related anyway so the idea of keeping my personal and work life separated doesn't really apply anymore.


lighting design

Recent work


Lago by Julian Serrano - Bellagio, Las Vegas

Giada - The Cromwell, Las Vegas


Following are a few spontaneous images made with an iPhone. All could benefit from some post processing which I probably won't get around to anytime soon.








(not very current...gotta work on that)


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Music has always been an important part of my life. While playing music has taken a backseat to professional pursuits of a more visual nature for many years, following is some of what's been on my headphones and speakers lately. These are all albums as I enjoy discovering the relationship between each song and the order in which they appear on a record.




Chris Squire "Fish Out of Water"

Prince "Purple Rain"

The War On Drugs "A Deeper Understanding"

Steelism "ism"

Hans Zimmer "Dunkirk: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack"

Melanie De Biasio "Blackened Cities"

Marcof "Martes"

Can "Future Days"

Kurt Vile "b'lieve i'm goin down..."

King Crimson "Discipline"

King Crimson "Beat"

B.B. King "Indianola Mississippi Seeds"




I'm a big fan of Steven Wilson and always find great new stuff on his playlists - check 'em out here:

Steven Wilson's Headphone Dust


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